Sample Music Review

(Excerpt of a Review of the Santa Barbara Band Headless Household.)

We, the faithful followers, patiently waited and, 2 years later, Headless Household delivered its new album, Balladisimo, and a dynamite performance tonight at Center Stage Theater.  Making us feel right at home were Household members Dick Dunlap, “keyz,” Tom Lackner, “percussives,” and Joe Woodward, guitar.  But where would a Headless Household be without its “Extended Household” members?  Probably mindless; moreover, less of a household without Tom Buckner on tenor sax; Jim Connolly, bass, and newest Headless member, singer, the lovely Nicole Lvoff. 

The band started the evening with Trouble in Whoville followed by a whole lot of balladisimos and fun, ending the first set with Nicole and Joe singing a duo I love You, Too.  Hey, Joe, we, your faithful Headless followers, love you, too.  To prove it, we stuck around for the second set.  Good thing we did or we’d have missed more great music, including your 2005 tune Blur Joan. And I have to admit it, I was sure I’d find it a bit awkward without Julie Christianson center stage, but Nicole made it all better with her sweet sound of Cocktail Napkins and Loneliness.  Oh, and yes, I certainly would be remiss if I failed to mention barefooted Jim Connolly playing his banjo; dang dude you’re amazingly talented!  Well, you all are! So, please don’t make us wait another two years! 

For those of you who already feel your own kind of headlessness, head over to to get your copy of Balladisimo.  Seriously, join the rest of us to find out why we are faithful followers of the Headless Household.  (Hey, Joe, you’re one bad-ass guitar man!)  ( groups/ 347187972096744/search/?query=headless%20household)

                            Restaurant/Music Club Review

(Jazz in the Neighborhood for the Santa Barbara Jazzette.)

Last Saturday night, a group of us Santa Barbara Jazz Society jazz fans ventured out of our neighborhood and headed south to Ventura.  After a great dinner, we took a stroll down the main drag, where we stumbled upon some great sounds of jazz dancing in the courtyard at 451 E. Main Street.

Curious, we ventured through the courtyard and found ourselves at a quaint little club called Zoey's Café. We climbed a few narrow stairs, then entered an intimate setting filled with the dazzling sounds of the J.D. Jazz Quartet, featuring Jarold Davis on bass, Ernie Towler on sax (and flute), Gil Herrera on guitar, and John Golson on drums.

Fortunately for us, Dave Stewart, co-owner of Zoey's, found us a table in this already packed house.  Aside from the great sounds of jazz circling the room, Zoey’s offers its customers espresso coffee and a nice selection of beer and wine.

We listened to J.D’s Quartet play some awesome tunes, such as Wes Montgomery's 4 on 6.  They also performed All the Things You Are and Stormy Monday, which turned into Bags Groove, and groove we did. The music cast its own brilliance on the night, making it a perfect way to end a beautiful evening.

Zoey's presents a mixed bag of entertainment, consisting not only of jazz, but also poetry readings, and local acoustic musicians.  Dave informed us that at some time near the end of February a group featuring Jimmy Christie, who was the drummer with Dwight Yoakum, together with guitarist, Mark Goldenberg, would be in the house. 

If you're interested in venturing from our beautiful Santa Barbara neighborhood to hear some great jazz, consider driving south to Ventura and check out Zoey’s.  For more information, visit their website at, or call (805) 652-1137.

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