Review of The EarthKeeper continued 

Amazon 2016

By Jan McBride

The EarthKeeper can be disturbing and uncomfortable.  Nevertheless, don’t let this somewhat gnarled path upon which Adam travels take you too far off your own course.  Steady now, but do keep reading for Adam will also take you through breathtakingly beautiful landscapes. I’m not just talking about the tropical jungles and night walks through Peru, or sunbathing on the sandy shores of Malibu.  I’m speaking about the landscapes within him, and also within you.  Plus, you’ll learn the ways of the shaman and discover the meaning of the various colorful roads upon which Adam travels.  Like Adam, you’ll learn to love and be loved again.  By the end, you might be ready to actually fall in love.  Adam did!  By the time you reach the last chapter, which is really just the beginning of a new one, you’ll fall in love with Adam, as well as the person you have become for having traveled along with him. 

Perhaps, the real meaning of being born anew means recognizing the real Truth - that which is behind the appearance of all things, even a name.  For Adam, whose name represents 'all men' has found this Truth within himself.  But he did not find it without having to experience the same pain he inflicted onto others, including his first love, Gigi, and their three beautiful daughters.  His journey would not have ended in quite the same way without having undergone a deep learning that took place with Adam's spiritual teacher, Alberto Villoldo, a medical anthropologist and author of neo-shaminism books, including Villodo's latest book One Spirit Medicine: How Ancient Wisdom Can Inspire Self-Healing; nor would Adam have become the new Adam had he not met Lizanne.  He had to "undevelop," as he might put it, in order to be born again to become the new Adam. 

We, his readers, also play a role in Adam's journey for we help Adam to complete it by giving him the opportunity to tell his story and also to be free from it.  Ultimately, it is what Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz learned, something she knew all along: the Truth of who she was and always would be, proving that there really is "no place like home." 

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Julia Burns State Park, Big Sur, CA - Photo by Jan McBride


Review of “Mobilizing Your Healing Power 2017

                                                                     By Jan McBride

There are many books on the market on the subject of health and healing, particularly natural healing, making it difficult to decide which ones are actually worth reading.  Not that I have read them all, because I haven’t, but of those I have read I recommend Mobilizing Your Healing Power by Dr. James Kwako.  This book is filled with all the good stuff, the right stuff, the stuff that will put you on the road to better health and wellness.  

Although many of us often dive right into the first chapter without reading a book’s introduction, we would be remiss if we failed to read the introduction in Dr. Kwako’s book.  I learned a little something about the author and his experiences in the healing fields of medicine.  Some of those experiences include his invaluable work with the likes of C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., the neurosurgeon, who founded the American Holistic Medical Association, as well as his work with Drs. Bill and Gladys McGarey, the husband and wife team who founded the Edgar Cayce Medical Research Center in Phoenix, Arizona.  Each provided Dr. Kwako the opportunity to further develop his already uncanny ability to help us learn about the multi-layers involved in the process of healing. 

Dr. Kwako’s writing flows like a river, getting you from point A to B easily and swiftly.  From the first chapter to the last, Dr. Kwako packs it like a professional traveler would a suitcase – with only that which is necessary to make the journey. Topics included are nutrition, sleep, hormonal balancing, healing pain, discovering our inner ability to heal, the role of healers and healing, and much more. 

To borrow the words of Dr. Kwako, Mobilizing Your Healing Power does what this author sets out to do, it teaches you “how to take care of yourself, promote self-healing, and add to the healing of others.”  I am convinced that by the time you finish reading this marvel of a book, you too will be ready to make the journey towards your own healing and wellness experience.