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As Glenda the good witch in the Wizard of Oz answered the scarecrow, “she had to learn it (what mattered most in life) for herself,” so too did Adam Hall have to learn it for himself.  But the lessons can be very painful.  Dorothy and her new friends, those whom she had met on her journey of self-discovery, had been instructed by the all-powerful wizard that she’d first have to kill the Wicked Witch of the West.  “Bring me the broomstick!” boomed the loud and reverberating sound of that mighty wizard behind the curtain. 

Although Adam did not have to nab a witch’s broom, by reading the more difficult pages of his book, The EarthKeeper, I imagine if having to get his hands on a mere witches broomstick were all it would have taken for him to get home, that place where we are spiritually awakened to one’s true self, Adam might have rather gone on Dorothy’s yellow brick road to Oz.    

Mired in the murk of discontent, Adam wades through his life unaware of the debris he’s created or its impact upon his loved ones and strangers alike.  As he continues on his journey, we become hopeful for him that he will rise like a Phoenix from the rubble and find a way to reconcile past mistakes with the consequences that face him.  We feel his heartache, yet we also revel in Adam’s revelation that he is rising from the ashes of his own making to become Adam the new man -- Adam, the Earthkeeper.

But before he becomes that new man, the old Adam will expose the broken cords of communication and the discord and disharmony he sows with his family.  The “pave paradise and put-up-a-parking-lot” way of conducting business will also be exposed.  We will learn that Adam, that other man; the one we don’t much care for at first, was once an Earth Conqueror.  Adam was a real estate developer.  He put together billion dollar real estate deals with large parcels of land slated for development.  It’s the way of the material man, who has yet to comprehend that the price is often too much to bear. For our Adam, it albeit cost him his soul.  (Read more.)

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by Adam C. Hall